Water Wanderings

Water Wanderings brochure Grades 4–5 For more information on Water Wanderings or Central Basin’s other education programs, please contact the District’s Education Manager, Mark Moss, at (323) 201-5519.

Water WanderingsWater Wonderings is a collaborative classroom visitation program between the District and the S.E.A. Lab in Redondo Beach , a program of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. This collaborative hands-on classroom program takes fourth through fifth graders on a 2½-hour journey through California’s water. Each class that participates will have the opportunity to visit three action-packed stations where they will experience a multimedia game called California Water Jeopardy, a food chain/food web activity and touch live marine animals and plants on board the "traveling tidepool," a van outfitted with touch tanks.

Water Wanderings is correlated to many of the fourth through fifth grade State standards for social science and science. By participating in this free program, students learn to appreciate California's water as a scarce, valuable resource.